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Oferta Stefik Fasola Orzel 500g

The idea of an unusual dinner … Kenyan beans

Level of difficulty: easy
Preparation time: 1 hour
Serving: for four persons
Dish type: Main course/served hot
Caloric value: 100 g of Kenyan beans contain approx. 341 kcal


  • eagle beans 250 g.
  • two large bows
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • can of sliced tomatoes
  • one can of coconut milk
  • a pinch of coconut shavings
  • spices at your discretion


  • Soak the eagle beans overnight in a slightly salted water.
  • Boil the beans until they are tender.
  • Cut the onion into small cubes and fry it with garlic in olive oil until it glazes.
  • Simmer the onion and garlic for a while
  • After a few minutes, add a package of sliced tomatoes and strained beans.
  • Add coconut milk and cook approx. 5 minutes
  • Season with salt and pepper or spices as desired
  • Sprinkle with coconut shavings
  • It tastes best if served with white bread