chili with black beans and chicken, top view, close-up
Oferta Stefik Fasola Malinka 500g

Hearty Hungarian stew with beans

Level of difficulty: medium
Preparation time: 1 hour, 20 minutes
Serving: for four persons
Dish type: hot dish
Caloric value: 100 g of Hungarian stew contains approx. 106 kcal


  • Raspberry beans 250g.
  • bacon (quantity at your discretion)
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 300 g of pork shoulder
  • 2 tablespoons of tomato puree
  • carrots, parsley, red pepper, potatoes, large tomato
  • hot pepper in spices
  • cumin
  • spices at your discretion


  • Soak raspberry beans (for ex. from Stefik) in salted water, all night. Then we cook them until tender.
  • Fry the diced bacon, onion and garlic cloves in a small amount of oil.
  • When the onion is glazed, season with hot pepper.
  • Add the diced pork shoulder and fry on all sides.
  • Add tomato puree to the pork shoulder and fill it with hot water. Season with cumin, salt and pepper, then simmer it for approx. 1 hour on a tiny fire
  • Transfer the beans to the meat (with part of the water in which they boiled)
  • Add grated carrots, small parsley, red pepper, tomato and large potatoes
  • Cook for half an hour, then season with salt, pepper and a pinch of sugar.
  • It is best to leave for the night