Stefik company is also engaged in the export of their products outside our country. Thanks to the trust of our customers, we deliver our products to countries such as Italy, Turkey, South Africa, Portugal and Spain.

Our mission is to be pioneers in the agri-food market. That is why we are constantly developing our staff and expanding our assortment. We are currently preparing the export of beans, peas and poppy seed to the Greek, Turkish and Croatian markets.

Cooperation with the Stefik company

We are a company that is open to any kind of cooperation. We make every effort to make your cooperation with us smooth and effective. For our part, we offer a fully professional service and deliver only the highest quality products.

We have been trusted by customers since 1989, which has led to a broad base of recipients around the world. If you are interested in working with Stefik company, please contact us.

Export products

Stefik Eksport Fasola Biala

White beans

Stefik Eksport Fasola Czerwona

Red beans

Stefik Eksport Fasola Jas Tyczny


Stefik Eksport Fasola Orzel

Panda Beans

Stefik Eksport Fasola Malinka

Raspberry beans

Stefik Eksport Fasola Piekny Jas

Butter Beans

Stefik Eksport Groch Okragly

Whole peas

Stefik Eksport Groch Luszczony

Split peas

Stefik Eksport Mak Niebieski

Blue poppy