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The essence of nature
in your home!

We deliver healthy food of top quality!

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from 1989

Customer satisfaction
is our guideline.

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We operate

Our products are values in Portugal,
Spain, South Africa and Italy.

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Mission of Stefik company

 Consistently since 1989 - our index is customer satisfaction.

 The mission of Stefik, which was created out of a passion for products that come from nature, is to provide you with agricultural products and delicacies - always on time!

We are constantly improving and expanding our assortment offer, because we know how important it is that what lands on your plates. Therefore, we make every effort to ensure that every product from our offer is wholesome and guarantees you high quality. We always buy products from reliable and trusted suppliers, which allows us to maintain a stable quality of the products offered to you.

Priorities of our company

Stefik's company priority is to understand the needs of its customers. That is why we deliver our products to you in a wide logistics offer: from a package of 500 grams, to 5, 10 or 25 kilograms. We treat each client individually and make every effort to ensure that cooperation with us brings satisfaction both from our side and from your side.

Stefik company operates in accordance with national food legislation, public legislation, and GMP and GHP regulations.

Who are we?

The Stefik company is a place that was created out of passion. We are a company with long-standing roots: we have been serving you since 1989! We started our business with the production and sale of agri-food products. Today, years later, we can proudly present to you a dynamically operating factory located in the town of Gnojno in  "Świętokrzyskie" voivodeship, as well as three distribution branches.  We are also at your disposal in cities such as Krakow, Wroclaw and Katowice.

Qualified personnel, high-quality products and concern for customer satisfaction have led to the fact that Stefik company has also started exporting its products outside of our country. Currently, we are not only engaged in the distribution and sale of agri-food products such as cereals, peas or beans, but also focused on the packaging of groceries. Thanks to this, we can also provide you with dried fruits, dates, raisins, cranberries and a wide range of nuts. 


Responding to market demand, Stefik company started its business based on delivering healthy food to your homes.

Our company offers you agri-food products, as well as delicacies and nuts of the highest quality.

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Dried vegetables


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